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The amazon EC2 Platform comes with the basic PHP platform you just have to call your modules which you want to install with the amazon platform. you can simply call sudo yum install php-your_modules<b/> and then restart your server by using <b>sudo restart service httpd now you are able to use php on your amazon cloud environment In this tutorial, you will learn how to install PHP and modules on Amazon EC2 Ubuntu server. PHP is an open-source and most popular programming language commonly used for web development (such as static websites, dynamic websites and web applications) and also deployed on most web servers on almost every operating system and platform, free of charge

PHP: Amazon EC2 - Manua

Step 2 - Install phpmyadmin amazon ec2 ubuntu In this step, open your ssh terminal and type the following command to install PHPMyAdmin on ubuntu amazon ec2 web server: sudo apt install phpmyadmin When you run this command EC2 stands for Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) and it is a web service that provides various compute capacity in the cloud. It lets us create the desired computing environment quickly. For example, if you need a server up and running for you to test or deploy your application it will take only a minute or two to set up your server in EC2 I want to install the latest PHP 7.0 on an AWS EC2 T2.Micro Instance. So far I have read that currently, AWS does not support PHP 7. This is just a virtual server in the cloud with me having the full control over its configuration, so there must be some way to get PHP 7 running on this one Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) è un servizio Web che fornisce capacità di elaborazione sicura e scalabile nel cloud. Avvia la tua istanza EC2 oggi stesso So, this comes to the end of this article, in which I have demonstrated in detail how to host a PHP on Amazon EC2 server. Cloudways gives ready-made solutions to install PHP on AWS EC2 and the steps are rightly defined above

Create a Linux server in Amazon AWS with EC2; Connect to your Server through Putty (using PuttyGen) Install PHP (Apache) and MySQL servers; Create A Linux Server On Amazon AWS EC2. Get started by create an account on https://aws.amazon.com, and then select Services > Compute - EC2 Or: Not working in my case. For those that want to know how to update PHP on a Amazon AMI EC2 instance, here are the stops and my lessons learned. Preparations. First, do a backup. Update WordPress and the plugins. Check that the plugins are compatible with PHP 7.2. Backup: See my blog on how to create a snapshot of a EC2 instance

How to Install PHP (5

How do I install Linux, nginx, MySQL, PHP (LEMP) stack on Amazon Linux AMI running on AWS? LEMP is an acronym for Linux, nginx, MySQL, and PHP. This page explains how to set up PHP 7.3, MySQL database server, and nginx stack on Amazon Linux AMI running on EC2 or Lightsail to run dynamic web apps. Amazon Linux AMI LEMP stack installatio How to install phpmyadmin in Amazon EC2 Linux Instance ? This post details, $ sudo yum install php-mbstring -y. Restart Apache. $ sudo systemctl restart httpd. Restart php-fpm. $ sudo systemctl restart php-fpm. Navigate to the Apache document root at /var/www/html $ cd /var/www/html Here is a step-by-step guide to install Laravel application with Nginx web server and php-fpm on EC2 instance using Amazon Linux 2 AMI. Pre-requisites: Launch an EC2 instance with Amazon Linux 2 AMI. SSH into the instance; Install Nginx. Amazon Linux Extras repository comes with nginx software package for easy installation of the latest stable.

To connect to your EC2 instance and install the Apache web server with PHP. Connect to the EC2 instance that you created earlier by following the steps in Connect to your Linux instance. Get the latest bug fixes and security updates by updating the software on your EC2 instance. To do this, use the following command PHPはyumでインストールするんですが、 sudo yum install phpを素直に実行すると、バージョンが5.4のPHPがインストールされていまいます。 これは、Amazon Linuxが持っているリポジトリに、バージョン5.4のPHPしか入っていないためです Cerca lavori di Install php extension amazon ec2 o assumi sulla piattaforma di lavoro freelance più grande al mondo con oltre 18 mln di lavori. Registrati e fai offerte sui lavori gratuitamente

This video covers full step by step instruction on How To Install LAMP Stack on Amazon EC2 Instance. This video tutorial will help you install an Apache web server with PHP and MariaDB (a. Install nginx sudo yum install nginx. Some more in-depth installation techniques are in the next post ( Install PostgreSQL 9. tar xvjf firefox-82. 6 on Amazon EC2 (Amazon Linux) In this tutorial, I will show you install PostgreSQL 9. yum install httpd php php-mysql php-gd php-imap php-ldap php-odbc php-pear php-xml php-xmlrpc /etc/init Free Shipping on Orders Over $35. Shop Everything for Your Home & More What were our key issues finding ? 1. PHP version : There is not standard binary for php7 for Amazon Machine at the time of writing and we faced following issues: Should it would be compatible with currently running apache server. We tried to install php7-php module from remi but it's not compatible with Apache 2. Le seguenti procedure consentono di installare un server Web Apache con supporto PHP e MariaDB (un adattamento di MySQL sviluppato dalla community) sull'istanza Amazon Linux 2 (a volte chiamata server Web LAMP o stack LAMP). Puoi usare questo server per ospitare un sito Web statico o distribuire un'applicazione PHP dinamica che legge e scrive informazioni in un database

How to Install Prosper202 on AWS EC2 Instance with SSL

Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) is a cloud service that provides resizable compute capacity in the cloud.It is designed for developers to scale and monitor their web-application better way. Amazon EC2 provides some of advanced features like elastic IPs, Load Balancing, various platforms like (linux, windows, etc.), scaling, monitoring etc Also as of July 2016, Amazon officially added PHP7 to its repository so you can install it using yum. So first thing I did was create a backup image of my EC2 instance before I went on with the upgrade I need to launch a symfony 1.4 website on Amazon EC2. Everything is fine except IMagick. I magick is also installed through following command: sudo yum install ImageMagick Its php lib is not installed/configured, if that do not happen with above command. In PHP, I'm using IMagick, but script is failing on IMagick

Even though my Amazon EC2 instance had been running pretty solid for the last couple of years, the time had come to perform routine server maintenance by upgrading PHP and the Apache web server Install phpmyAdmin host on Amazon EC2 Here we are performing phpMyAdmin host on Amzaon EC2 instance, it is very simple like the other Linux box configuration.We can install and configure phpMyAdmin through download package and install it or install through yum global repositories Install composer on Amazon AMI running on EC2. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets How to install WordPress on Amazon AWS EC2 is a complete tutorial where you will find important topics and queries cleared related to Amazon AWS EC2 installation. Looking For A Fast, If your PHP installation fails with a message such as Unable to fetch some archives.

Amazon EC2 makes it very easy to scale the servers that our web applications live on. This video tutorial will show you how to load up an Amazon EC2 ubuntu server and setup Apache, PHP, & MySQL on the server I'm trying to run an AWS EC2 instance for a facebook app. I chose the micro Amazon linux 32-bit as my OS. I'm able to SSH in and install PHP with yum, but when I run phpinfo() I see --without-sqlite in the configuration. Also, my sqlite php page was erroring out on the line that tried to open the sqlite file

How to Install PHP MySQL on Linux Ubuntu 18

Running Services Using Docker and Amazon EC2 Container Service

In this tutorial, I will explain how you can set up an open source Magento framework on amazon ec2 machine. Ec2 instance Configurations: 1. Launch an Ubuntu instance using the management console. When launching the instance , make sure you open port 80 in the security groups. Read: How to launch an Ubuntu instance on amazon ec2. 2 In this tutorial, you will learn how to install Apache 2.4 on Amazon EC2 Ubuntu 18.04. If you are planning to setup a dedicated web hosting server for your web application site or WordPress website, this guide will show you how to properly install your Apache2 web server.. Apache is an open-source web server software most widely used in many IT developers and community around the world

How to install NGINX + PHP7

  1. Install LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP ) on ubuntu ec2 instance. In this tutorial, you will learn step-by-step on how to install PHP MySQL on ubuntu 20.04 AWS EC2. How to Install LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySql & PHP) on Linux Ubuntu 20.04 AWS EC2. Step 1 - Launching a Virtual Machine; Step 2 - Selecting Virtual Machine Spec
  2. Install own SSL on Amazon Machine Image (AMI) Webner Solutions is a Software Development company focused on developing Insurance Agency Management Systems, Learning Management Systems and Salesforce apps
  3. If this install lacks detail or doesn't work then see comments attached to this page. I start this off with some assumptions and then go though a full install using the cli. The assumptions are that you have an Amazon 32 bit EC2 Linux server setup and you have ssh & http access to it

How to Install PHP (5.6,7.1,7.2,7.3) on Amazon EC2 How to Delete Failed PHP Files Upload in Linux Tmp Directory; How to Install Let's Encrypt with Apache2 on EC2 How to Install GoAccess with Apache2 on EC2 Ubuntu 18.04; How to Monitor Apache2 Web Server on EC2 Ubuntu How to Install ModSecurity for Apache2 on Ubuntu 18.0 H ow do I install Linux, nginx, MySQL, PHP (LEMP) stack on Amazon Linux AMI running on AWS? LEMP is an acronym for Linux, nginx, MySQL, and PHP. This page explains how to set up PHP 7.3, MySQL database server, and nginx stack on Amazon Linux AMI running on EC2 or Lightsail to run dynamic web apps Some time ago, I wrote a short blog post explaining how to go about installing XCache on an Amazon EC2 instance to help with opcode caching.. More recently, we've begun using APC for similar reasons, with excellent results, including on Amazon EC2 Micro instances, which can be used under their free usage tier to run things like (for example) WordPress blogs, at rather high usage, when cached. This installation guide is not using any Amazon AMI for moodle installation. Amazon has their own Machine Images for Moodle but we are installing this Moodle from beginning installing EC2 Instance, LAMP stack and Moodle 3.9. This will help us later to make our own AMI's for future use In this post, we will see how to install MySQL server on AWS EC2 Amazon Linux 2 and configure the security group to access from your desktop. The Amazon Linux AMI is a supported and maintained Linux image provided by Amazon Web Services for use on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2)

Os procedimentos a seguir ajudam a instalar o servidor web Apache com suporte do PHP e do MySQL na instância do Amazon Linux (às vezes denominado servidor web LAMP ou pilha LAMP). Você pode usar esse servidor para hospedar um site estático ou para implantar um aplicativo PHP dinâmico que lê e grava informações em um banco de dados Get started with Amazon EC2 by launching, connecting to, and using a Linux instance. MySQL, and PHP software packages. sudo yum install -y httpd24 php70 mysql56-server php70-mysqlnd We will install the apache httpd,WordPress software,php & mysql for php. Create a Database Tier. Setup Mysql DB using Amazon RDS, DB tier for the WordPress site. We can custom install a WordPress on top of the EC2 instance which we have already lanuched as part of How to Launch my First EC2 instance - Part1 In this tutorial, you will learn how to install Vim on Amazon EC2 Ubuntu and execute the basic commands for files manipulation. Linux ubuntu uses the Nano text editor to allow you to edit configuration options and files by default. Even if Nano also is a good editor choice, I proudly recommend using Linux Vim text editor.. Vim is a free and open-source text editor designed for use both from a. Amazon EC2 Ubuntu 18.04. Learn how to deploy Ubuntu 18.04 on AWS; Allow Inbound (Port 80, 443) from you Amazon EC2 Security Groups; A user with sudo privilege command. To get started, this guide will show you through step process on how to install Let's Encrypt with Apache2 on EC2 Ubuntu 18.04 server

Step 4: Install MySQL community server. sudo yum install mysql-community-server. Step 5: Confirm your MySQL service status. sudo service mysqld status. That's it! Since you are facing issues while working on Amazon EC2 that's why the article on AWS EC2 will surely come in handy for you Install Apache 2.4; Install PHP 7.2; Install MySql 5.7; Install phpMyAdmin 4; Setting up FTP/SFTP access; AWS EC2 Pricing. Under the Amazon Free-Tier, you can use an EC2 instance for a year, free of cost. After an year, the instance is charged hourly depending upon the type of instance. Working Environment for this Tutorial. This tutorial uses. Vedere di più: install mariadb on amazon linux 2, install php 7 amazon linux, ec2 install mysql, install apache on aws linux, install lamp on aws ubuntu, install mysql on amazon linux 2, install apache on aws ubuntu, aws lamp stack, install mysql red hat enterprise linux, install php mysql ssh linux, linux install jdk mysql, install aws ec2 windows office application, aws ec2 install software.

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  1. Amazon EC2 Free Hosting Setup for PHP and MySQLhttp://www.9lessons.info/2015/12/amazon-ec2-setup-with-ubuntu-and-xampp.htm
  2. 3> Install PHP5 on Amazon EC2, run this command:]#apt-get install php5]#apt-get install libapache2-mod-php5. Now you have to restart the apache webserver with this command:]# service apache2 restart OR]# /etc/init.d/apache2 restart. Now install php module for MySQL with this command:]#apt-get install php5-mysq
  3. Amazon EC2 Free Hosting Setup for PHP and MySQL - Duration: 22:23. Srinivas Tamada 45,956 views. 22:23. How to Install WHM or cPanel and AWS EC2 Instance - Duration: 10:04
  4. We've been benchmarking Amazon EC2 server instances for some highly complicated PHP applications over the past week. During this time, we've discovered that XCache is perhaps the best opcode caching product for our purposes.. If anyone would like a walkthrough for installing XCache on an Amazon EC2 instance, simply leave a comment below and we will prepare a full tutorial for you

Installing pdo_mysql on Amazon EC2 with PHP 5

  1. Amazon EC2 is a powerful AWS service that includes the ability to provision on-demand servers. While you can easily do this through the AWS Management Console, in this post, I want show you how to use the AWS SDK for PHP to do it programmatically by interacting with the Amazon EC2 API. Let's create a [
  2. Launch an EC2 instance with Amazon Linux 2 AMI. Make sure your security group has an inbound rule to enable SSH. SSH into the instance. Install PHP: sudo amazon-linux-extras install -y php7.2.
  3. Install Apache 2.4 and PHP 7.0 on Amazon Linux AMI # Remove current apache & php (If you have installed a earlier version or you are having problems. Don't worry this WILL NOT remove any of your files, and it will make backup's of any config files you have)
  4. on it. This guide is also tested with 128-1024 MB other local and branded VPS. All works (Just neglect Amazon EC2 or VPC portions)
  5. Install PHP 7 on Amazon EC2 As new package available on EC2, it is really easy to do so: # php 7.0 extensions sudo yum install -y php70 # php 7.0 extensions sudo yum install -y php70-mysqlnd php70-mcrypt php70-intl php70-mbstring php70-gzip php70-gd2 php70-zip php70-gd php70-xml php70-pdo php70-pecl-apcu php70-opcache php70-fp
  6. In this post, we will learn how we can install PHP 7.4 on Amazon Linux 2. Amazon Linux 2 is an operating system provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS). It provides a secure, stable, and high-performance execution environment to develop and run enterprise-level applications on AWS Cloud

Article - Installing PHP on EC2 with Amazon Linux AMI Posted by: kamal-sharma. Posted on: Dec 11, 2011 3:38 AM : Reply: php, ec2, amazon, linux, ami. Hi, searching on internet, not find the complete article to install php on ec2. so, after testing all things. We want to configure and enable Email in our Server which is Amazon EC2 running on Ubuntu 16.04. Other details I can share after you bid. Skills: Amazon Web Services, Linux, PHP, System Admin, Ubuntu See more: send email using amazon ses in php, amazon ec2 sendmail, sending email from aws ec2 instance, aws lightsail php mail, sending an email through the amazon ses smtp interface with php.

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How To Create AWS EC2 Instance And Host PHP Application

PHP & MySQL Projects for $30 - $250. We had an old project running on ec2, we need to upgrade the frameworks to the latest. We need a devops that can install the folowings on an amazon ec2 server. Apache 2.4 MySQL 5.7 PHP 7.2 PHP 7.2 mo.. amazon-linux amazon-linux-2 apache apache2.4 aws backup ci-cd cloud-trail codecommit codepipeline deployment devops docker dynamodb ec2 gcp grafana hosting iam iptables linux logs mongodb monitoring mysql nat nginx nosql php php7.1 php7.2 php7.3 rds s3 security simple ssl swap trusted-advisor ubuntu virtualhost vpc website wix wordpres The Amazon Linux AMI has support for both PHP 5.3 and PHP 5.4 however only one can be installed at a time on an instance. If you are using the Apache web server you will also have to upgrade from httpd 2.2 to 2.4 pricing - install php ec2 . Impossibile selezionare Database Foo utilizzando Ec2 e RDS (3) Se hai creato il tuo database tramite phpMyAdmin sei sicuro di essere stato configurato per connettersi Amazon RDS instance remota di Amazon RDS instance.

How to install PHP 7 on EC2 t2

  1. install php amazon linux 2 (2) . Sono totalmente confuso su come ospitare un sito Web dinamico creato utilizzando PHP e MySQL in Amazon Cloud.. Sono andato attraverso Amazon S3 e ho ospitato un sito web statico lì!. Poi ho provato Amazon EC2 e ho imparato alcuni aspetti del concetto di VPC. Ho pensato che i siti web dinamici stiano ospitando su Amazon Cloud utilizzando EC2
  2. The amazon-linux-extras install lamp-mariadb10.2-php7.2 command fails saying it can only find php 5.4 (see below). Running yum list php7* returns no packages. Any help would be appreciqted
  3. WordPress is the most popular and famous CMS (Content Management System) which is used in the world. It is a free and opensource content management system which is based on PHP and MySQL. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud ( Amazon EC2) is a cloud infrastructure. Amazon offer this service which provides raw computing resources on demand
  4. PHP & Linux Projects for $10 - $30. Install WHM, cpanel and latest PHP version on Amazon EC2..
  5. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) is a web service that provides secure, resizable compute capacity in the cloud. EC2 offers many options that enable you to build and run virtually any application. With these possibilities, getting started with EC2 is quick and easy to do
  6. install cpanel install on amazon aws. 1. Login into aws panel 2. Click on EC2 under AWS Services section 3. Resources page opens, click on Launch Instance butto

Amazon EC2

  1. This article covers full step by step instructions on How to Install LAMP Stack on AWS EC2 Instance in 4 Easy Steps.. This article will help you install an Apache web server with PHP and MariaDB (a community-developed fork of MySQL) support on your Amazon Linux 2 instance (sometimes called a LAMP web server or LAMP stack). You can use this server to host a static website or deploy a dynamic.
  2. Manual Install on Amazon EC2 This page is a step by step guide to running a GridGain cluster on Amazon EC2. Through this guide you will learn how to launch two EC2 instances each running a GridGain node and configure them to join with each other to form a cluster
  3. yum install nginx php-fpm php-xml php-pdo php-odbc \ php-soap php-common php-cli php-mbstring php-bcmath php-ldap \ php-imap php-gd php-pecl-apc You likely require only one of the following commands, depending on your preference between MySQL and PostgreSQL. Amazon Linux (at time of writing) is offering MySQL 5.5 and PostgreSQL 9.1

How to launch ec2 instance in AWS and install LAMP (Linux, Apache2, MySQL, and PHP). The points will be covered in this tutorial are below 00:00 Launch EC2 instance on AWS 06:03 Install Apache2 serve Step 4: Install, config & launch PHP & MySQL. OK, it is time to complete the setup of your LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP). Now it is time to install and configure PHP and MySQL. Here are the commands. Btw, you can also configure your EC2 installation with a bash script to run these commands on startup. Install MySQL and PHP How to install mysql 5.7 on Amazon Linux 2 ; Use x2go to access remote Ubuntu Linux ; How to create Linux instance on Amazon AWS/EC2 Classic ; How to install and monitor memcache for php on Ubuntu Linux ; How to upgrade EC2 Ubuntu Linux micro instance to small ; Install Amazon EC2 api tools on Ubuntu Linu Install BEHAT and PHPCI on an Amazon EC2 Server I want BEHAT ([url removed, to view]) and PHP CI ([url removed, to view]) with the following plugins ([url removed, to view]) installed

Setting VPC and Amazon EC2 instance to launch Laravel

How to Host PHP on AWS EC2 [Step by Step Guide

official install instructions. Conclusion. In this post we have seen how to quickly launch a Ubuntu server on Amazon EC2 followed by installation of Sandstorm on the server. At the end you have a working self-hosted Sandstorm personal apps platform on which you can securely run multiple instances each of 70+ productivity apps Amazon EC2 Spot can reduce costs up to 90% or accelerate performance for fault-tolerant workloads such as big data, containers, web services, and CI/CD. AWS Savings Plans offers savings of up to 72% on Amazon EC2 instances usage, regardless of instance family, size, OS, tenancy or AWS Region I have several Ec2 instances created with Amazon Linux AMI 2018.03, oneis currently running php 7.0 and the others are still running php 5.6. I have been running around in circles trying upgrade to php 7.3 ec2-user というのは、Amazon Linux 2 でデフォルトで用意している OS ユーザー名です。 ちなみに、今回は Amazon Linux なので ec2-user ですが、例えば CentOS だと centos、Ubuntu だと ubuntu だったりします。 Red Hat Enterprise Linux の場合は ec2-user の場合と root の場合があります。. Requirements. Resources: MINIMUM: 2 CPUs, 4 GB RAM, 20GB disk and a single interface with Internet access; RECOMMENDED: 2 CPUs, 8 GB RAM, 40GB disk and a single interface with Internet acces

Introduction. Migration from Cloud9 to AWS Cloud9 was not easy. On cloud9, Apache was installed and configured by default. On AWS, Apache is not properly configured, Once Apache is installed and configure, you sometime need to configure the php.ini file. This page explains how to make the file edition simple from the Cloud9 editor How To Connect An Amazon EC2 Ubuntu Instance Using Putty . Update the server using the command . sudo apt-get update. 3.Installing the LAMP stack on Ubuntu instance. 1.Install MySql on Ubuntu using the command. sudo apt-get install mysql-server mysql-client libmysqlclient15-de If you have an EC2 instance and you have Ubuntu installed in it and now you want to install Xampp in that machine, this guideline is for you. Remember: This installation will install PHP, Mysql into your EC2 machine. So, if you have previously installed PHP or MySql, please remove them completely and then follo AWS LEMP Stack In this post I will show you how to install LEMP Stack on AWS EC2 Instance L = Linux (Ubuntu 18.04) E = Engine X / Nginx (1.14) M = MySQL (5.7) P = PHP (7.2) Creating AWS EC2 Instance First of all, you must have an AWS account, you can register here and get 12 months of Free Tier access from Amazon Web Service (AWS) It's the best tool to configure and manage web servers on Amazon Web Services. I'm going to show you how to install Virtualmin on AWS EC2 instance with LEMP stack in this post. LEMP stands for Linux, Nginx, MySQL and PHP. We'll be installing Ubuntu 16.04, Nginx v1.16, MariaDB v10.0.36 and PHP v7.3 on Amazon Web Services to host websites

How To Setup Linux on Amazon EC2 with Apache, PHP & MySQL

This tutorial will show you how to install Wordpress in Nginx Web Server in AWS in 10 minutes. It covers following topics: 1. Configuring and launching EC2 instance 2. Install Apache, PHP and MySQL 3 Install Moodle on Amazon EC2. by Daniel Leinweber - Thursday, 26 April 2012, 2:08 AM. Number of replies: 5. 5 yum install php-mysql php-dom php-intl php-mbstring 16 yum update 81 yum install php-soap 150 yum install telnet 154 yum search httpd | grep ssl 155 yum search http Here is what worked for me on the Amazon EC2 instance: To install a MySQL Server. First step is to of course ssh into the EC2 instance Then, at a command prompt, use the following command to install MySQL Server: sudo yum install mysql-server When you are prompted, type 'y'

Update PHP version on Amazon EC2 It's full of stars

Install MongoDB on Amazon EC2¶ This guide provides instructions on setting up production instances of MongoDB across Amazon's Web Services (AWS) EC2 infrastructure. First, we'll step through deployment planning (instance specifications, deployment size, etc.) and then we'll set up a single production node Drupal 8 is the leading open source enterprise Content Management System (CMS). The following post outlines the steps necessary to install Drupal 8 on an Amazon Web Services EC2 instance. Open console.aws.amazon.com using your favourite web browser Launch an EC2 instance. I chose the following AMI Amazon Linux AMI 2018.03. (PV) - ami-f40c388d It i

Hosting Facebook Applications on Amazon EC2 : ArticlesLimited Offer 86% Off Amazon Aws Ec2 Lemp + Host Multiple

Tutorial: Install a LAMP web server with the Amazon Linux

amazon ec2 technology stack, I've tried every way to install imap php extension but I couldn't do it. I am using amazon web service EC2 instance and it has CentOS. while yum search *-imap.* I found a package from cyrus-imap.* but.

Create ec2 instance in aws to run php on amazonWalkthrough of Connecting Nginx, PHP and MySQL with Weave
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